COFDM-901T Video Transmitter

COFDM HDMI Video transmitter Receiver
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cofdm modulator
cofdm transmitter and receiver
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COFDM HD Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Digital Video Transmitter
Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
What is OFDM Modulation
Video Transmitter and Receiver System
cofdm transmitter wireless video modulator uav micro hdmi nols module
cofdm wireless video transmitter modulater sdi uav micro nlos video module hd-sdi
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COFDM wireless video audio transmission system advantages:

1.Long range transmission distance
2.Real-time transmission systems
3.Delay time very short less than 500ms
4.Perfect image quality, brighter colors and image smoothness. (we will support video to demonstration it if you sent inquiry)
Default Transmitter Frequency:
 Switch  Frequency
 0000 839Mhz
 0100  832Mhz
 0010  846Mhz
 0001  853Mhz
 1000  906Mhz
 1100  912Mhz
 1010  918Mhz
 1001  924Mhz

(Please note what different frequency do you need.)     
Product Features:
1. Transmission power 1W
2.Extreme lightweight and rugged housing
3.Vibration and shock resistant
4.Applied COFDM modulation, MPEG-2 / H.264 compression
5.Small dimensions
6.Perfect for mobile applications
7.High quality of video transmission, no mosaic, no dragging phenomenon, stable power with adjustable dynamic power;
8.Support NLOS transmission, strong diffraction capability
COFDM Video Transmitter
DVB-T Transmitter Portable
video hd transmitter